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About Us

What Sets Us Apart

We travel in Small Packs. We view this as the most authentic and Earth conscious way to see the world.  Opening doors to intimate experiences you wouldn't have with larger groups.

We design Engrossing Itineraries. We offer surprise elements in every destination and offer hidden gems you wouldn't find on your own.  

We weave Free Time into all of our locales. We'll show you how to navigate the ins and outs of local interaction from learning some native language, understanding customs and getting around like a local. 

We will wow you with our Magic Hours. Gone are obligatory buffet dinners or sit down meals where you feel like a hostage.  We seek out mind blowing locations full of views or magical gardens where our group meets to taste, sip and socialize before heading out for your own evening activities with suggestions from us. 

We Scout all our destinations. We spend weeks and sometimes months getting to know the local people, finding the hidden gems and scouting the experiences you will be a part of on our tours.  

Our Story

Before we were First Crush, we were asked to co-direct a group of college students on a multi-day student tour to Ivy League Schools on the East Coast.  We had been asked to take on this tour with only a few days to prepare for a challenging itinerary.  I took the red-eye from the west coast to meet Melissa and this group of incredible people that, unknowingly, would change our lives.

As we tackled one challenge after another, we all grew closer together and soon felt like we had gained as much as we were contributing.  They brought us into their community and shared their traditions, songs, and stories with us.

On our last lunch stop in Boston, we picked up a bottle of wine at a tiny local wine shop to celebrate our tour together, as well as Melissa's birthday.  We dropped our group of 40 at the airport, said our sappy good-byes to this amazing group of people, and hopped in a cab to our hotel. 

While in the cab, we quietly opened our bottle of wine and noticed the name of the winery was First Crush.  We looked at each other and said, "hey, that's a perfect name for our new business" and chuckled as we had just had a life changing experience. 

From that moment on, we were hooked and had fallen in love with the process of connecting and sharing the world around us with our guests and First Crush Travel Experiences was born.   

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