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Why is it called First Crush Tours?

You know that feeling when you travel somewhere new for the first time and you get a rush of excitement of what’s to come? It’s just like your First Crush and we want you to fall in love with the world on every one of our Tour Experiences.

Why travel with First Crush Tour Experiences?

We aren’t those people who herd large groups following a flag around a city. We are the ones who travel in smaller packs diving deep into the local culture being travelers, not tourists. You can find us inside a local’s home making a traditional dish like Pho or inside a speakeasy learning how to make an artillery punch.

What sets us apart from the rest?

We personally dive deep into the locations we tour by connecting with locals and finding the roads less traveled while planning our experiences. We PERSONALLY scout every one of our trips to ensure we find all the hidden gems you can’t find online.  In addition to that, we lead each and every one of our First Crush Tour Experiences to ensure the experience we designed for you, is what you get.

How do you choose your locations?

Every city we choose to show you, are places we have fallen in love with. Every single city has something to see or learn about and our goal at First Crush, is to take you to places and show you things, you may never have found on your own.

Does First Crush give back to the locations you visit?

Yes! We believe in always giving back to the places we visit. Whether it be donating school supplies and clothing to a village or donating time and money to an animal shelter, we strongly believe in giving back to a community that has taken us in.

What is a Tour Concierge (TC)?

A Tour Concierge is your go-to person on your trip. “TC’s” go above and beyond the duties of a tour director. They make sure to always keep you informed, give suggestions for all free time, and offer help before and during your entire trip.  

What is Magic Hour?

At First Crush, we think food is a huge part of anywhere you visit, and we never want to hold our guest’s hostage at group dinners where you have a limited menu. We would rather meet before dinner, sip and snack on some local favorites, share our adventures of the day and leave it up to you if you want to eat with some new friends or explore on your own.

Does the itinerary ever change?

The only time itineraries ever change are if there are issues with the weather, unforeseen circumstances, or it’s for the better!

Will I have free time on my tour?

Yes! We at FC Tours, believe free time is necessary to explore on your own. Our TC’s will be there to offer plenty of suggestions to help you plan out your free time or places to just wander around finding the right “off the beaten path” roads to take.

How active are your tours?

Every tour we build requires walking. We use many forms of transportation during our tours but seeing a city by foot is the best way to smell it, touch it, and hear it! Check our tour page icons on each tour for how much activity is on each trip.

How large are your groups?

Group size depends on the location. We like to keep our tours intimate and exclusive and the larger the group, the less that happens. Some of our tours can accommodate over 20 people, whereas others max out at 10.

What is the age range of your tours?

Our tours are built for the active, curious travelers and as long as you are those things, that’s our age range.

What is a Cultural Immersion Packet?

For our International and some Domestic destinations, we send you a Cultural Immersion Packet to familiarize you with the location you will be visiting. It will contain information about the history, culture, currency, weather, tipping, travel documents/vaccinations needed, what to pack, plug adapters etc. to better inform you before you arrive.

Is airfare included?  Can you assist me in booking my airfare?

Airfare is NOT included in our pricing, but we can assist you in booking the best flights to accommodate the tour start date and time.

Are airport transfers included in the package?

Depending on the tour, airport transfers may or may not be included. Please check the “what’s included” section below the description of the tour for more information.

What if I miss my flight?

We will assist as best we can to help you meet up with the group but assume no responsibility for missed or cancelled flights. We offer “Acclimation Packages” on all our tours to fly in a day early to ensure you arrive on time and to acclimate with the location.

Can you assist in booking hotels for days prior or after our tour?

Yes! We offer “Acclimation Packages” on all our tours allowing you to add a day or two before or after the tour.

What is an Acclimation Package?

For our International trips especially, we recommend arriving a day early for your tour to allow yourself time to acclimate with the time change, climate, and to catch up on your sleep. Inquire with FC Tours about this option allowing you a hotel stay and suggestions and perks from your TC’s when you arrive.

What are the hotels like?

We choose hotels based on ratings, location, staff, and having experienced them ourselves! Many hotels in Asia may only offer twin beds whereas others will offer only kings. Depending on the city, we may choose a local boutique hotel or a well known brand, but we ensure our guests receive the best experience possible after a day out exploring.

What should I pack?

We will always send you information prior to your trip giving examples of what to pack like a raincoat or bathing suit. We will also send you weather predictions and past temperatures so you can pack accordingly.

How much luggage can I bring?

We recommend packing only a carry on and small bag for our short trips and one checked bag and one carry on for our longer trips. On our longer trips, we make sure to offer hotels with laundry service and plan it into our itineraries to accommodate the time needed.

Do I need a Passport/Visa/Vaccinations?

For any international trip, you will need a valid Passport (must not expire within 6 months of departure date) and some trips will require a Visa. We will send you information not only in your Cultural Immersion Packet, but also through email with links to follow.

Are your tours wheelchair accessible?

While some tours are completely wheelchair accessible, some are not. Please contact us to inquire and ask about our Custom Tours as well!

Can you accommodate my dietary needs?

Please let us know of any dietary needs and we will do our best to accommodate them during any of our trips.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Please view our full terms and conditions page.

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